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Andrea Ceulemans was born in Hasselt (province of Limburg in Belgium) on February 26, 1945.
Having graduated as a secondary school teacher in French and history, she took courses in drawing, painting, sculpture and ceramics.

She took evening classes in several academies of Fine Arts: in Hasselt, Genk and Heusden-Zolder. In addition, she has taken courses e.g.: with Nolens Paule, Robert Vandereycken, Staf Timmers, Herman Maes (see "about me").
Initially, she painted impressionistic landscapes, flowers and portraits.
Her near-death experience has led to a fundamental change both in terms of themes as form. The "light of the above" brings to her work a spiritual dimension almost elusive, expressed through poetry with a deep sense.

The intuitive aesthetics tells us about an inner compassion for human beings in this spiritual and rude world.
The painting of icons she studied in the south of France and then with several masters such as Joris van Ael and Chrysostomus Pijnenburg (Orthodox archpriest in Vienna), led to exceed the rigid technique of Russian icons to achieve a contemplative representation of the divine.
Her first book of art represents the Old and New Testament, seen in the world today and beyond this world.

Several exhibitions - both individually and collectively - in Belgium and abroad.
Winner of "Geo Art": competition for the teaching artists of the Flemish Community in 2004. For two years, this travelling exhibition has served as a project initiation to art.


Andrea da Angelo: Paintings - Sculptures
Fritz Timmermans: Poetry – Prose

This book - born after an experiment from imminent death, shows us the history of our saviour expressed by modern paintings and ceramics statues.
Andrea Ceulemans - artist for more than 40 years - knew a fundamental upheaval in her work as well as on the level of the themes as of the form because of this experiment.
In an intuitive way, she tries to approach - under the pseudonym of Andrea da Angelo - this spiritual event.
The history of the saviour, placed in the current world with its batch of existential questions, is represented in the “light of beyond”.
The reverend Fritz Timmermans - Croisier - comments on the works of art by means of poems and texts in prose.

Publisher: LANNOO (120 pages).

Price: 25 euro ( port not included).

Important note: the poems and texts in prose of the book are written in Dutch. There is not yet a French version.

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